Purity I: BETRAYAL Erik Eriksen


Published: June 9th 2014

Kindle Edition

100 pages


Purity I: BETRAYAL  by  Erik Eriksen

Purity I: BETRAYAL by Erik Eriksen
June 9th 2014 | Kindle Edition | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, talking book, mp3, ZIP | 100 pages | ISBN: | 5.17 Mb

Every good story tells of a journey. That journey either leads home to Ithaca, to wife and son, or the journey is away from home, into an unknown territory. Sometimes it is a journey into Hell. Such a story can take us down below the surface of our limited experiences into a foreign, dangerous place, in search of some holy grail or other and which may be a personified as a lost woman: Eurydice, Beatrice or, in this case, Tika and Kiri. Abandon hope. But through the chill of recognition we know this is a real place, real and close. Only a plane ride away.Welcome to a familiar slice of many expatriates’ experience of Hong Kong and South-East Asia, where the most primal forces in a man’s soul (in particular, the selfishness of his genetic programming!) rise up to cloud his judgment and secure his downfall.

Can a newcomer to Hong Kong resist the enormous pressures of the 24/7 party atmosphere that greets all new residents in the Fragrant Harbour?Well, in this case, a melancholy no. And the Suzie Wongs of the 21st century are not Chinese but Indonesian, Filipina or Thai.Erik Eriksen scores bulls-eye after bulls-eye in his brief tale of one man who risks it all to follow the unreliable compass of his physical obsessions. After that first step off the straight and narrow path comes the rapid slide into a seeming paradise of pretty young girls, all too eager to please, and the generous camaraderie of fellow debauchees… But like the vast mudslides that frequently used to wash away parts of the island, his slide demolishes all the structures of civilization that stand before it- work, marriage, self-respect.Just when cool-headed decisions are needed, Karl, venture capitalist fresh into Hong Kong, finds that the autonomic pumping of certain branches of his pelvic arteries has thrown his reason to the winds - that famous momentary lapse of reason becomes a constant pulse of distraction - and then lust turns into love…His faithful family is so far away, the work that brought him to HK has moved into a plane of subtlety beyond his understanding, and these girls are so attractive and so available.

For a price. How much is he prepared to pay?And we are not talking just money.Bad advice from the typical self-deluding expat denizens of this shady town takes him further into trouble as inscrutable Asian business-men with secret agendas threaten his livelihood and the all-too-screwable but manipulative nymphets (with survival needs and life-plans that don’t quite match his own misguided dreams) coalesce to send him spiraling into a vortex from which few can escape intact.

Enter the sum

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