Shadows Amongst Light Mary Eason


Published: February 13th 2013

Kindle Edition

253 pages


Shadows Amongst Light  by  Mary Eason

Shadows Amongst Light by Mary Eason
February 13th 2013 | Kindle Edition | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, AUDIO, mp3, ZIP | 253 pages | ISBN: | 3.59 Mb

No one leaves The Organization. Doesn’t happen. Once you’re in, you’re in for life. But Agent Cameron Alexander knows that she has to find a way out. Especially now that she is pregnant.The Organization was code name for the FBI’s top secret, elite homeland Anti-terrorism task force. Made up of five highly skilled people whose only goal is to track down terrorist’s cells operating on American soil.Three things are keeping Cameron from walking away from her life in D.C., and the FBI forever.The Past: Twenty-one years ago, Cameron’s older brother Judah walked out into the night and disappeared into thin air.

Her parents never gave up their search for Judah. Just before Cameron joined The Organization, her parents believed they had proof that Judah was alive. Someone had spotted Judah in a small town in North Carolina. Her parents went there hoping to find Judah and bring him home but had ended up losing their lives instead.Present Circumstances: Someone has been calling Cameron. Someone claiming to be Judah. Shortly after the calls began, Cameron spots someone who looks like Judah, which leads her to believe that her parents were right all along.

Judah was still alive. Unfortunately, the man that she is almost certain is her brother is on the opposite side of the law from Cameron.Can the mixed up young teenager that disappeared all those years ago be the same man that the FBI knows as Elijah Jacobs. The man believed to be the mastermind behind dozens of terrorist attacks and the leader of one of the most brutal and well-organized terrorist cells operating in the US. The Red Jihad.A Future: Not only is Noah Rogers Cameron’s boss, but he is also her husband. But The Organization was Noah’s brainchild. Will he be willing to give it up for Cameron and their child?

And if so will he ever be able to trust her when she finally reveals her family ties?

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