Disturbia 3: Love Me Harder Brooklin Skye


Published: March 13th 2015


268 pages


Disturbia 3: Love Me Harder  by  Brooklin Skye

Disturbia 3: Love Me Harder by Brooklin Skye
March 13th 2015 | ebook | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, audiobook, mp3, RTF | 268 pages | ISBN: | 7.32 Mb

The always volatile and unpredictable couple, Kali and Cris, have finally found a common ground in their ongoing battle of balancing mental illness and a sustainable relationship.Dr. Marcel, a wonderful woman, has finally provided them with the care they need to become a stable and functional couple. Though, her procedures are sometimes unorthodox.Things couldn’t be better, and they take the next step as a thriving couple. They are progressing beautifully, and they are both finally ready to unite. The time has come to move forward and take it to the next level—marriage—and a real family.By the advice of their doctor they must amend the past, facing the people that they fear the most—their parents.

As reluctant as they may be, they advance- trying to do the right thing for the first time in their relationship.After making connections with both sides of the family things seem to be going surprisingly well, until an unsuspected person takes their lives and spins them into a whirlwind which they cannot seem to escape.Lies, deception, and truth will finally be revealed, unraveling a decades old mystery.Will Cris and Kali survive the turmoil once again? Or will they crumble to ashes in the vicious cycle that seems to keep them from ever having a fulfilling life?Find out in the last edition to the Disturbia Trilogy.Disturbia 3Love Me Harder

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