RACE: Season 1 Episode 2 Matthew Rief



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RACE: Season 1 Episode 2  by  Matthew Rief

RACE: Season 1 Episode 2 by Matthew Rief
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How far would you go to save those you love most? Would you travel the world, risking your life? Would you do things you never thought you could? Would you kill? Would you be willing to die? Welcome to RACE.Six people have been chosen.

Each from different backgrounds, different walks of life. Each with different stories. Each willing to do whatever it takes to save their families.How far would you go?RACE is a new action packed thriller series with new episodes each week.As they adventure around the World in a fight for their lives. To win, they will have to survive deadly explosions, climb the world tallest peaks, traverse the world’s most dangerous jungles, flirt with death in great deserts, and face the dangers of the World’s oceans. And above all, they must survive each other.

Only one can win RACE.Fast paced. Action packed. Lost + Hunger Games + Amazing Race.This is Episode 2 of the adventure series. New episodes will be published weekly.

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