Filthy Pleasures: Three Short Erotic Stories Kate George



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Filthy Pleasures: Three Short Erotic Stories  by  Kate George

Filthy Pleasures: Three Short Erotic Stories by Kate George
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Having worked at a number of jobs ranging from Senior Assistant to the Dean of a Medical School to Actor/Booking Agent in outdoor theatre troop, Ms George has had plenty of experiences to bring authenticity to her characters. In fact, the idea for Moonlighting began formulating while she was working as a evening turndown maid at an exclusive resort for people with more money than sense. The layout was perfect for a murder, but, as she was not willing to risk a life in prison, she decided writing it would be a wiser choice than doing it.Ms. George began writing at an early age by making up poems of praise for the ponies she rode.

That turned to angst during her teen years and spurned lover poetry in her twenties. During her spurned lover period she also wrote a novella about a marine biologist (her college major at the time) that will never see the light of day. Ms. George eventually earned her Bachelors degree in Anthropology from the University of California at Davis.

In case you havent noticed there arent a lot of jobs for a budding anthropologist. Thats her explanation for the 75 different careers in her resume. Think police dog trainer and answering service operator and then let your imagination go wild. You couldnt possibly be far from the truth.Although born in California and raised in British Columbia, Ms. George is currently living in Central Vermont with her husband, four children, three dogs, and two cats.

She once had 28 chickens, all named, none of them seem especially keen to lay eggs. Im sorry to tell you that Hermione and Speckles were eaten by coyotes. The rest were given to good homes to avoid any further emotional distress.

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