Peer Instruction: A Users Manual Eric Mazur

ISBN: 9780135654415

Published: August 8th 1996


253 pages


Peer Instruction: A Users Manual  by  Eric Mazur

Peer Instruction: A Users Manual by Eric Mazur
August 8th 1996 | Paperback | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, AUDIO, mp3, ZIP | 253 pages | ISBN: 9780135654415 | 10.56 Mb

This is basically a short pamphlet on Mazurs instructional philosophy, then a collection of exercises for use in teaching physics courses. The exercises didnt help me (I teach statistics courses) but the ideas are good.Instead of having the instructor talk throughout a traditional lecture,1) assign students daily readings and ensure they do it by giving a quick check quiz at the start of every class-2) use class time to ask students conceptual questions based on the readings, which they can discuss with peers before voting on the answer, after which the instructor clarifies any misunderstandings highlighted by wrong answers.This way you can also walk around the room checking in with one group at a time and hear any detailed misconceptions as they argue about the answer.

The students actually have to think actively, not just listen passively, which helps them learn, and helps you debug your teaching.

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