Diabolos and the Master: The Gospel Story in Fiction Elsa Carter Beauregard

ISBN: 9781553066293

Published: September 1st 2003


198 pages


Diabolos and the Master: The Gospel Story in Fiction  by  Elsa Carter Beauregard

Diabolos and the Master: The Gospel Story in Fiction by Elsa Carter Beauregard
September 1st 2003 | Paperback | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, AUDIO, mp3, ZIP | 198 pages | ISBN: 9781553066293 | 7.49 Mb

Although written as fiction, Diabolos and the Master is also educational. When Jesus goes to the temple, you will learn which feast day is celebrated and something about that feast. By knowing the customs of the day, you will better understand Jesus words. What did Jesus mean when He talked about being a light? What is the meaning of the man who did not have on the wedding garment? How many temptations did Jesus really have? What are the gates of hell? These, and many more, questions are answered.Author bio: In 1950, Elsa graduated from South Eastern Bible Institute in Lakeland, Florida.

While raising her one son, she continued to study and teach the Bible. Being widowed in 1998, she began a spiritual quest of studying the Bible and seeking Gods direction for the future. Her study and prayer led to the writing of her first book, Diabolos and the Master.Two more books are in the works. The second will be an enhanced history, covering the Roman world between 30 AD and 70 AD. The third will be fiction, based on the life of Onesimus in the book of Philemon.Penetrating insights into Jewish worship, including feast days, sacrifices, and holy days, as well as traditions and customs in the everyday life of first-century Judaism.The life of Jesus is presented against this background and a continual conflict between good and evil, resulting in interesting interpretations of the teachings of Jesus.This book provides much information, challenge, and inspiration from the life of Jesus.

Reverend Elton Brown, retired United Methodist minister

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